Supportive Services

A variety of supportive services and resources are available for eligible job seekers through CalWORKs Employment Services. Our goal is to make your job search a successful one, and to support you once you find a job so that you can maintain your employment. Once referred to the Employment Connection, your Case Manager can help with setting up and paying for childcare and transportation while you participate in job search at the Employment Connection. Once you are employed, please talk to your Case Manager to discuss if these services will continue to be available to you.

Once you are participating at the Employment Connection, there are other supportive services that we can offer. Eligible job seekers can be referred to Dress for Success for professional clothing and connected to the District Attorney’s Office for expungement and record clearance. Other referrals and linkages can be made based on individual job seeker needs. Be sure to talk to your Employment Counselor to discuss what you need to be successful in finding and keeping your job.

To participate in job search services at the Employment Connection and take advantage of all the supportive services and resources available to you, please ask your Eligibility Worker to refer you to CalWORKs Employment Services.

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