Workshops to build and enhance skills are available to active participants at the Employment Connection. A variety of workshops are offered to develop and enhance job search and employment retention skills. Workshops are facilitated by experienced Employment Counselors and allow job seekers the opportunity to receive guidance and build skills for job search—whether it be learning a new technique, or brushing up on their existing knowledge. Each week a core group of workshops are offered, including making your application standout, building a resume, and interview preparation. Other workshops are also offered daily, and are rotated each week. These topics include understanding employer expectations, applying for County jobs, social media and your job search, identifying career paths, skills assessment, and more. Please see your employment counselor to be referred to a workshop.

Below are the workshops that are currently being offered:

  • Identifying My Skills and Career Options — Exploring skills and related career opportunities
  • Communication On My Job — Better understand and improve verbal, nonverbal, and written communication
  • Developing and Updating My Resume — Resume styles, development, do’s, and don’ts
  • Interview Techniques and Tips — Strategies to answer questions and manage interview anxiety
  • Mastering the Job Application — Paper and online application completion, tips, do’s, and dont’s
  • Time Management — Techniques to manage interruptions and distractions
  • Online Learning Tools — FREE resources for developing and enhancing skills
  • Problem Solving — Communication styles and resolving conflict in an assertive manner
  • Work Ethics — Building work habits to help you advance
  • Social Media Do’s and Don’ts — Understanding how social media can help—or hurt—your job search
  • The Importance of Networking — Proactive job search and networking using technology
  • Applying for County Jobs — Understanding the County hiring process and tips for success
  • How to Keep a Job — Understanding workplace culture and employer expectations

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