Workplace Behavior

How to Keep a Job

Congratulations… you just got a new job! If you’re like most people, you did a lot of planning and preparation to get this job. Now, what planning and preparation have you done to keep the job? Here are some tips on keeping your new job.


Appearance is important

Dress appropriately for the position. Check your company’s dress code and be observant of how other employees dress. Practice good grooming habits. Keep your hair and makeup professional. Use colognes and perfumes in moderation.


Be on time. Know where you need to report, who to report to, where to sign or clock- in and where you should park. Return from breaks and lunch on time.

Check with your supervisor for his or her preferred method of communication (office phone, cell phone, e-mail, text). If you absolutely must be absent from your job, contact your supervisor before your scheduled shift. Good attendance and punctuality leads to success in your career.

Getting along with your supervisor

Follow policies, procedures and guidelines precisely. Ask for clarification if you don’t understand your assigned tasks. Contact your supervisor immediately before problems develop. Communication with your supervisor is important. When discussing your job performance, listen, remain calm and respond to any feedback in a professional manner.  Remember you’re working as a team. Partner with your supervisor to exceed your employer’s expectations.

Getting along with co-workers

Get to know your new co-workers, and keep it professional. Remember these are people you work with and you want to be positive, supportive and build mutual respect. Show appreciation when a co-worker helps you in any way and share the credit. Ask for help or advice when you need it. Avoid any and all workplace gossip.

Remember, you were hired to do a job. What you are paid to do brings value to the company. Do your best to show your new employer that you are a good investment.

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