Dress for Success

Power Up to Get Ahead

Employment Connection


Plan ahead. Organize your closet so that your professional clothing is separated from your social apparel. Have at least three complete outfits pressed and ready to wear - outfits that empower you and make you feel confident. Wear professional clothing such as long sleeves or a suit jacket (blazer) to be taken seriously.


Proper footwear. If wearing slacks, wear dark socks, mid-calf length so no skin is visible when you sit down.

  • For Men: Leather, lace-up or slip-on business shoes, preferably black or brown.
  • For Women: Choose closed-toe shoes and make certain you can walk comfortably.

Jewelry and accessories. Wear a conservative watch. Keep your choices simple and leaning toward conservative. Avoid extremes of style and color.

Tattoos and piercings. Wear clothing that covers your tattoos. Remove all excessive piercings.

Grooming. Hygiene matters. Be aware of neatness (hair, nails) and scents (perfume, cologne, breath). Don’t drink coffee or smoke before your interview.


What Not to Bring to the Interview


  • Gum or tobacco products
  • Cell phone
  • Electronics such as an iPod, tablet or laptop computer
  • Food or drinks

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