Cover Letter

Your cover letter is your opportunity to stand out from the competition. Make it unique, highlighting your skills and accomplishments in a way that will grab the employer’s attention.

Below are eight steps to create a personalized, winning cover letter.

  1. Address the letter to a specific person by name and title whenever possible. If you are responding to a job posting that does not list a contact person, attempt to call the company and ask for the name of the person to whom you should address the letter. When unable to obtain a contact name, address the letter to “Dear Hiring Manager.”
  2. Type your cover letter in an easy-to-read font, using a standard business format. Start with the date, followed by the company’s name and address.
  3. The first sentence should state the title of the specific job for which you are applying: “Please accept my resume for the Warehouse position as advertised.”
  4. Match your experience to the company’s requirements. Emphasize a few of your abilities and strengths that make you shine. For example: “As a Material Handler at ABC Company, I had a perfect OSHA safety record for over three years and was recognized as Employee of Year twice.”
  5. Avoid starting each sentence with the word “I.”
  6. Don’t use business jargon or slang. The easier your letter is to follow, the greater the chance it will be read all the way through.
  7. Close your letter with a strong action sentence. Don’t write “I hope to hear from you soon.” Instead use a closing line that will show you are confident, such as: “I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience to further discuss this position.”
  8. Have your name, email address, and phone number at the bottom of the page, below your signature.


Sample Cover Letter

January 1, 2015

Ms. Jane Smith
Store Manager
Super Sporting Supply
123 Main Street
San Jose, CA 95123

Dear Ms. Smith,

Your advertisement for a qualified lead cashier that appeared on Craigslist is great news to me.  I have been looking for the opportunity to work for an exciting, fun, and professional retail store. I have been a long-time customer of Super Sporting Supply and have always been impressed with the quality of your merchandise and the customer service I’ve received.

My three years of retail sales and cashier experience have well prepared me to be a lead cashier. Customer service, cash handling, and merchandising are some of my strengths. In my previous position, my supervisor often asked me to train others, and said I was a great team player.

Enclosed please find my resume for your review. I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss this position.



Sally Jones
456 First Street
San Jose, CA 95432
(408) 555-1234

[email protected]
(408) 758-3797

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